User study: Driver assistance systems and autonomous driving

The study identifies and analyzes user posts in social media with concrete experiences with driver assistance systems of different car brands. Using this method, a multitude of experiences in different traffic and weather scenarios as well as use cases which can hardly, if at all, simulated with other techniques, such as test drives or queries. The benchmark study shows wide discrepancies in meeting customer expectations between driver assistance systems as well as between the solutions of each brand.

Motivation and methodology of the study

  • Autonomous driving is currently getting a lot of attention and is subject of intense discussions – not least because of accidents
  • The discussion is further fueled by OEMs equipping and pushing new models with driver assistance systems
  • OEMs and the press focus on technology-driven arguments
  • So far, no current study on the concrete experiences of the users of driver assistance systems is known – the same applies to wishes and fears regarding autonomous driving
  • Against this background, Consline AG analyzed user comments on autonomous driving and driver assistance systems in German online media (forums, discussion boards, news platforms etc.):
  • Time range of the study: April to October 2016
  • Brands: Three German premium brands and Tesla
  • Number of relevant user comments: 1,379 messages with 2,723 statements

Consline issued the study as an exclusive study on their own behalf.

Link to the press release: consline-autonomes-fahren-pressemitteilung-2016-12-14

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