Things-gone-wrong Monitoring

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Things-gone-wrong Monitoring

Things-gone-wrong monitoring with the Consline Intelligence Management System CIMS in keywords:

Typical Users

After sales, quality assurance, production or service areas, product development, product management


Online customer experiences from forums and user groups, quality data, warranty cases, service reports, dealer surveys, market research data, etc.


Detailed targets / KPIs for quality standards us satisfaction values, comparative values for competitors' products and services, support for communication

Things-gone-wrong Monitoring - Use Cases

Use Case: Investigation of engine damages for a manufacturer of chainsaws

Use Case: Investigation of engine damages for a manufacturer of chainsaws

Task: Analysis of engine problems and damages with a certain chainsaw model in North America…

What our customers say

Thomas von Stetten

Director Customer Quality & Product Integrity
KNORR-BREMSE Systeme für Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH

“With CIMS® 6.0, we are finally able to react to trends in our customers’ complaints quickly and in a region-specific manner.

The insights into when, where and from what (part family, application, approval date…) provide us with considerable clues for root cause research and support to work out solutions together with the customer.

Many customers use our evaluations as a second opinion and appreciate our proactive market view to avoid costs, as we can identify trends very early and follow up specifically.

The comparison to other customers with the same product type, which is immediately available on “click”, brings us considerable advantages and time savings in problem isolation.

The customizable dashboards provide us with up to 30 chart forms (e.g. heat map, layer line charts, spider chart, world map, etc.), which we can store and make available to internal customers at Knorr-Bremse, depending on their needs and customers.

And in combination of the customer data and our field parts analysis results, we are able to plan ahead and reduce our costs.”

Dirk Wilhelm


“Consline gives us a completely new view of our measurement data and opens up new possibilities for quality criteria.”