Consline AG introduces new information platform

Munich, 12.06.2018: Companies stay responsible for their products after selling them and have to monitor how they prove themselves in the field. Information on product monitoring is hard to find although this monitoring obligation has become crucial due to the internet, the increasing complexity of products and regulations as well as global production and sales activities. Therefore, Consline AG now offers, a new, comprehensive information platform on this subject. Besides basic definitions and industry-specific online sources, the platform provides information on experts, literature and events. News from the field of product monitoring and product/manufacturer’s liability complete the information offered. addresses managers from product development, quality and after sales departments as well as product safety officers and safety experts.

A look into the new Yellow Print on Product Integrity issued by the German Association of the Automotive Industry VDA shows how important Consline’s new information platform is e.g. for car manufacturers: This topic is explicitly mentioned in the chapter on market monitoring of this publication.

Consline AG ( is a pioneer in the field of complete and precise monitoring of customer voices and company information online. Since 1999 Consline has been supporting companies in improving products, services and campaigns as well as legally compliant product monitoring. The CIMS (Consline Intelligence Management System) developed by Consline is based on a unique combination of state-of-the-art web technology, Artificial Intelligence, qualified employees and international industry knowledge.

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