Targeted product decisions and quality improvements.

As a universal AI-supported platform, CIMS® fascinates with user-friendly solutions for benchmarking products, quality improvement and product safety.
Product Excellence Benchmarking

Modular AI-supported analysis platform for cross-functional strengths/weaknesses analysis of products and services.

Virtual Feature Clinics

Investigating the customer benefit of individual product features or functions.

Things gone wrong Monitoring

Improving product and service quality for quality managers, after sales, and product development.

Product Safety & Recall Monitoring

Early detection of critical product safety characteristics in the field and monitoring of relevant recalls. Perception of product observation duties.

Better, more accurate and functional.

Companies of any size can monitor the strengths and weaknesses of their products in real-time and compare them to competitors thanks to the Consline Intelligence Management System. Internal data and field information help to quickly address any errors. CIMS® combines the capabilities of Business Intelligence (BI), Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA), Social Media Monitoring (SMM), and Virtual Data Rooms (VDR) in a cloud-based SaaS solution.

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Consline Intelligence Management System

The CIMS combines artificial and human intelligence to process and analyze quantitative and qualitative data from various sources and formats. It enables you to identify strengths and weaknesses of your own products compared to the competition and highlight opportunities for improvement. It also assists in product and service quality for quality managers, after-sales and product development, as well as customer retention through regular feedback and surveys.


The CIMS allows identifying the strengths and weaknesses of one's own products in comparison to the competition and highlighting potentials for improvement.


Identification of new business opportunities, innovations, and unique selling points.

Customer satisfaction

CIMS helps to better understand and analyze customer needs and expectations in order to offer personalized and relevant products and services.

Product monitoring obligation

Meet legal requirements. Document all relevant product feature information in the field.

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