Knowtech 2015: Consline and Jaguar Land Rover present „Virtual Product Clinics“

Knowledge Management, Social Collaboration. Industry 4.0: 28th of  Oct. 2015 at 14:30h Dr. Heinz van Deelen, Consline AG and Sergio Brito, Jaguar Land Rover will be presenting at the KnowTech 2015 in Hanau. Topic: Virtual Product Clinics – innovations driven by customer voices. All Information also at:

About the topic “Virtual Product Clinics”:

A prerequisite for a successful product concept is the most complete understanding of what the customer currently moves and their wants and needs are. Customer Voice Monitoring (CVM) combines Open Innovation with Big Data. Doing so CVM allows carmakers or other producers of high-involvement goods to develop products based on direct customer feedback from real usage scenarios. The British carmaker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) prioritizes actual topics from his customer’s point of view and relies on customer voices from the internet for the development of the next generation of driver assistance systems. The worldwide monitoring of customer voices provides innovation potentials same as direct feedback on product and service quality.

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