E-Cars: Consline study shows more profound issues than reach and infrastructure

Munich, 8th June, 2016: „…a nurse finances an e-car for a dentist`s not working wife and the e-car driving wife feels good about herself…” The analysis of customer voices online show deeper concerns about the e-car subvention than the well-known concerns about reach and infrastructure. Almost as frequently internet users in forums and news portals mention the support of the upper class and the subsidization of automotive manufacturers.

Overall the “electro premium” is criticized harshly with over 98% of comments being negative. Only one percent of users plans on buying an electric car due to the premium. Beside the aforementioned critical opinions, the waste of tax money is a major point of discussion. Additionally, internet users point out that the environmental targets are missed as long as electricity cannot be fully sourced ecologically.

But even if these issues could be solved the offered electro models are far from well received: “There are no attractive electro cars…” The most criticized aspects are design, lack of everyday practicality and unripe technology. Some hybrid cars particularly are called „overly heavy and overly motorized monsters”.

The market research company Consline, located in Munich, has analyzed 406 user comments between the 27th of April and 13th of May in relevant German online sources, such as news portals, industry media, forums and social media. The 819 statements contained in these posts were categorized and evaluated in detail. To ensure the quality of the results, the sample was divided and cross-validated.

Consline AG is a pioneer in the field of complete and precise monitoring of customer voices and company information on the internet: Since 1999 Consline has been supporting companies in improving their products, services and campaigns and in ensuring a reliable product monitoring. Doing so, Consline applies a unique combination of state-of-the-art web technology, Artificial Intelligence, competent employees and international industry expertise.

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