AI-aided Product Excellence

The world's first AI-supported Product Excellence platform: The Consline Intelligence Management System.
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Better than any Business Intelligence or Social Media tool.

In contrast to Business Intelligence and Social Media tools, CIMS can process and analyze quantitative and qualitative data from many sources and formats. Artificial and human intelligence are optimally combined.

Better products through CIMS®

Improve Products and Quality

The main applications are in the conceptual and qualitative improvement of products and services. Users typically work in the areas of product development, quality assurance, and after-sales. For more information, please refer to solutions and use cases.

Software as a Service - SaaS

CIMS Version 6.0 is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for managing and analyzing information and data. No installation is required.

CIMS® Solutions & Use Cases

As a universal AI-powered platform, CIMS® fascinates with user-friendly solutions for product benchmarking, quality improvement and product safety.

Product Excellence Benchmarking

Modular AI-supported analysis platform for overarching strengths / weaknesses analyses of products and services

Virtual Feature Clinics

Investigation of the customer benefit of individual features or functions of products

Things gone wrong Monitoring

Improvement of product and service quality for quality managers, after sales and product development

Product Safety & Recall Monitoring

Early detection of safety-critical product characteristics in the field and monitoring of relevant recalls. Fulfillment of the product monitoring obligation.

Our customers

Thomas von Stetten

Director Customer Quality & Product Integrity

“The comparison to other customers with the same product type, which is immediately available on “click”, brings us considerable advantages and time savings in problem isolation.”

Frank Schreier

Head of Quality Assurance | SKODA AUTO

“The market analysis provided by Consline has helped us improve our services and products.”

Grant McPherson

Director Quality | Jaguar Land Rover

„Consline provides fast, precise and relevant data making sure we always follow our customers’ needs.”