Analyze bigger Excel tables easily and presentation-ready with CIMS 6.0

Every user of bigger Excel tables knows the problem: Before analyses can be done and charts and presentations can be compiled, the input data have to be extensively processes and structurized. This is where the new Excel interface for the Consline Intelligence Management System CIMS 6.0 comes into play. Big Excel tables can be imported, structurized and made presentation-ready with a few simples steps: For example, continuous variables can be converted into individually definable clusters, or date specifications can be transformed into calendar weeks, months etc. Variables are renamed with a single click, integrated into other variables or broken down into subcategories. Additionally, the variable’s name can be added automatically to the data contained in the cells, so that e.g. the value “12,800mi” in the column “mileage” becomes “Mileage: 12,800mi”, which makes the further processing and visualization of the data much easier.

Unstructurized texts, e.g. replies to open-ended questions, can be easily categorized and evaluated by tonality (positive/neutral/negative) and relevance (in %) which makes them ready for statistical analysis. These categories can be directly used to create category trees to match them with data sets from other sources. Data sets added later on, e.g. next month’s data, can be conveniently imported into this structure and thus be merged with the original data.

The structurized data can then be analysed and exported as presentation-ready charts using the CIMS analysis tool with more than 30 different chart types including heatmaps, geographical maps and cobweb plots. All these functionalities are part of the well-known CIMS user interface with its high usability.

No local installations or an integration into the customer’s IT landscape are necessary for using CIMS: All functionalities are provided as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution including support and user training.

Please go to for a demo version.

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