AI aided Product Excellence

Founded in 1999, Consline AG is a pioneer in the field of product excellence, quality and safety monitoring

AI aided Product Excellence

Product Excellence with the Consline Intelligence Management System CIMS means:

Improve products

Improve faster with up-to-date information about the strengths and weaknesses of your own products compared to the competition.

Monitor quality across all areas

Link internal data with field information and customer experiences. Build collective and cross-country knowledge within the team and make it findable.

Monitor product safety

Avoid faults or at least recognize them early. Prevent escalations. Ensure product observation obligation.

Your products, our expertise

Today, quality is complemented by customer satisfaction: “The number 1 reason that has made us successful by far is the obsessive focus on the customer – and not the obsession with competition,” says Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO.

The Consline Intelligence Management System (CIMS) helps companies efficiently collect and analyze customer experiences from various sources to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs and expectations – while effectively reducing costs.

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CIMS® Solutions & Use Cases

As a universal AI-powered platform, CIMS® fascinates with user-friendly solutions for product benchmarking, quality improvement and product safety.

Product Excellence Benchmarking

Modular AI-supported analysis platform for overarching strengths / weaknesses analyses of products and services

Virtual Feature Clinics

Investigation of the customer benefit of individual features or functions of products

Things gone wrong Monitoring

Improvement of product and service quality for quality managers, after sales and product development

Product Safety & Recall Monitoring

Early detection of safety-critical product characteristics in the field and monitoring of relevant recalls. Fulfillment of the product monitoring obligation.

The Consline Intelligence Management System CIMS®

The CIMS 6.0 is more than just another information system

As a Software as a Service solution, CIMS connects international teams or departments, e.g. in product and quality management, without installation. All participants are integrated and informed via workflow and role/rights functions.

Company and task specific configuration

The CIMS is always configured company- and task-specific - without long or cost-intensive setup times. Adoption of all company-specific terms and processes (e.g. product designations, processes, status messages, etc.).

Using CIMS is a pleasure

This is ensured on the one hand by the modern, intuitive user interface, and on the other hand by the valuable results for the user's own work and the simple collaboration across departmental and national boundaries.

The CIMS® offers solutions proven in companies

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What our customers say

Thomas von Stetten

Director Customer Quality & Product Integrity
KNORR-BREMSE Systeme für Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH

“With CIMS® 6.0, we are finally able to react to trends in our customers’ complaints quickly and in a region-specific manner.

The insights into when, where and from what (part family, application, approval date…) provide us with considerable clues for root cause research and support to work out solutions together with the customer.

Many customers use our evaluations as a second opinion and appreciate our proactive market view to avoid costs, as we can identify trends very early and follow up specifically.

The comparison to other customers with the same product type, which is immediately available on “click”, brings us considerable advantages and time savings in problem isolation.

The customizable dashboards provide us with up to 30 chart forms (e.g. heat map, layer line charts, spider chart, world map, etc.), which we can store and make available to internal customers at Knorr-Bremse, depending on their needs and customers.

And in combination of the customer data and our field parts analysis results, we are able to plan ahead and reduce our costs.”

Frank Schreier

Head of Quality Assurance

“The market analysis provided by Consline has helped us improve our services and products.”

Grant McPherson

Grant McPherson
Director Quality, Jaguar Land Rover

„Consline provides fast, precise and relevant data making sure we always follow our customers’ needs.”
Dirk Wilhelm


“Consline gives us a completely new view of our measurement data and opens up new possibilities for quality criteria.”